Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Cu Chi Tunnel: Culminating the termination of US military intervention in Vietnam.

A group of 12, myself far left in stripe.

Enjoying tapioca and pandan drinks served by the host.
Mr Nguyen The Vinh, the guide, standing.
Ubi kayu pun sedap jugak!

Trying hard to entre the 'rat hole'.
The Viet Cong used this secret hole to hit the enemies

The tunnel, only 2 feet wide and 3 feet high, once has to bend.
I managed to pass through the tunnel while the other waiting above

Home made weapons and booby traps, victims get nothing except death

Displaying empty bomb shells. The Viet Cong reutilized it into light weapons against the rivals

The briefing hall showing the video of the cruel and devastating war

My spouse and the "Viet Cong" soldiers

Myself, my spouse and the guard

Myself, spouse and friends

Another potrait with the Viet Cong dummies

Acting as a tailor, the place for sewing and repairing uniforms

A group of 12 successfully organized an excursion to Ho Chi Minh City formerly Saigon, the commercial capital city of Vietnam on the 26 - 30th November 2010. The tour was loyally accompanied by the local guide, Mr Nguyen The Vinh. His narration in "Vietnamese English" made us a little bit wondering but knowing a little is better than know nothing. The most exciting spot was definitely The Cu Chi Tunnel. As a devoted Muslims we were so concerned in halal food and a place to pray. The are plenty of halal food restaurants, run by Malaysians and there are few mosques in this city, so nothing to worry.

The Cu Chi tunnel in brief

The estimate 200km long and complicated Cu Chi Tunnel situated 30km from Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, the commercial capital of Vietnam.

It was guerrilla warfare tactic by the Viet Cong in Vietnam war(1st Nov. 1955 - 30th April 1975) which culminating the withdrawal of the US troops from Vietnamese soil in 1975.

The Viet Cong was a lightly armed South Vietnamese communist controlled common front against the anti communist force supported by North Vietnamese People's army and the communist allies.

The tunnel, once a haven for Viet Cong fighters and villagers are now one of the many battlegrounds in Vietnam that have been converted to tourist attraction.

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