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Tarikh/Date: 10 Mac/March - 24 Mac/March 2011

Perjalanan kami meliputi Sanaa (Republik Yaman), Madinah dan Makkah

The journey covers Sanaa, Madinah and Makkah.

In the name of Allah the Al Mighty, the most benevolent and the most gracious. Praise be to Allah the Creator and the owner of the universe, created Kaabah as a Qiblat and a source of blessing and forgiveness.

Pray for safety to Prophet Muhammad(SAW), to his family, companions and followers.

Umrah is a once in a lifetime devotion, to discover most valuable blessing and teaches the Muslims to move about. It is a physical devotion that needs a strong and strenous body movement, only can be performed by a healthy and active Muslims. In other word every Muslim should keep their body healthy in order to perform well in doing umrah

Performing haj and umrah is compulsory once in a lifetime to every able Muslim in form of material and health

Visiting Baitullah or Kaabah, our Qiblat, is not compulsory but highly recommended and umrah is the most grand assembly and the centre of brotherhood and solidarity for the Muslims throughout the universe

UMRAH: Mean to visit a place. In Syarie, to visit Kaabah, perform tawaf, sa'i and halq/taqsir after assuming ihram or be in state of sacred by following the terms and conditions imposed.

: Circling the Kaabah seven times in a counter clockwise direction.

Sa'i: Walking seven times back and forth between the hills of Safar and Marwah:

Tahallul: cutting of at least three hair after Sa'i(taqsir) or complete shave of the head for men(halq)

After completing the ritual in sequence and can go out of ihram, free from the prohibitions.

The 13 prohibitions while in ihram:

1. Covering the head for men.
2. Wearing of any sewn clothes.
3. Covering the face for women.
4. Wearing gloves
5. Using perfumes
6. Using hair cream or oil.
7. Destroy hairs from any part of the body, purposely or purposelessly.
8. Cutting, chopping or uproot trees in the holy lands except dead trees.
9. Clipping finger and toe nails.
10. Hunting or destroying halal animals, keeping of captured animals at home.
11. Strictly not allowed intercourse, if it happens before tahallul, umrah will be void and must
perform again as soon as possible and to pay ransom of a camel.
12. Be in seduction or romantic action with spouse.
13. Involve in marriage esp. aqad, become wali or witness.

Performing Umrah in sequence, including the Rukun/Wajib(Pillar/compulsory) and Sunat(encouragement).

1. Taking shower with intention (sunat)
2. Performing ihram prayer esp. at miqat (sunat)
3. Intension (rukun)
4. Tawaf (rukun)
5. Performing prayer after tawaf (sunat)
6. Sa'i (rukun)
7. Tahallul (rukun)
8. In sequence or Tertib (rukun)

The tawaf wida'

"No body would depart from Makkah without performing
Tawaf of the Kaabah as the last thing
( the saying of the Prophet or hadith)

It is obligatory(wajib) in Haj, not in Umrah and no objection leaving Makkah without performing Tawaf in Umrah but much better to do it. The above saying addressed for Haj Pilgrims. Allah knows the best.

After completing tawaf, perform two rakaats of solat tawaf, drink Zamzam water at its source, kissing the Black Stone or Hajarul Aswad if possible or only show the sign(istislam)and approaching Multazam for Doa or prayer. Then leave the area immediately without turning back but with intention to be back sooner or later.

It is not allowed to delay your departure from Makkah except the above activities, purchasing food for the journey home, searching for the lost relatives and waiting for the appropriate vehicle. No more shopping, snapping photographs and other delaying activities. If these should happen the Tawaf will be null and void and must perform it again.

Wallahu alam.

Masjid Al Saleh, Sanaa, the largest in the Republic of Yemen,
on arrival the mosque was heavily guarded by armed President's army

Honey shop in Sanaa, Yaman, providing and offering authentic local honey(sidr).
The shopkeeper is showing the high viscosity of the honey to prove its authentic quality.
The honey taken with black seed(habbatus sauda') is an antidote to all diseases and illness except aging and death.

An ancient civilization site of some early kingdoms, a palace of the Saba Queen, Balqis was believed to be situated at the highest point of the valley or wadi, situated about 30 minutes drive from Sanaa. The area was declared as one of the World's Heritage

Dar al Hajjar or the settlement of the rock dwellers, Sanaa, Yemen.
The erection of buildings on a steep rock top is familiar,
also declared as one of the World's Heritage.

The dwellers of the Dar al Hajjar in their traditional attire including a Yemenite dagger,
they are so decent but kind to guests.

Masjid Al Salleh, Sanaa, Yaman

At Jabal Uhud or Uhud Mountains
A historical and spiritual spot for Muslims. On the 3rd Hijrah, the Muslim troop led by the Prophet Muhammad was defeated by the enemies for disobeying orders. About 70 muslims were killed as matyrs or Syuhada, including Sayyidina Hamzah bin Abu Talib,
Mus'ab bin Aamir and Abu Thalhah bin Zubair and their bodies were buried at the foot of the mountain. The Prophet was safe but injured.

At the Prophet Mosque or Masjid Nabawiah, Madinatul Munawwarah,
the second most sacred mosque next to Masjidil Haram, Makkah.
Who ever perform prayer one rakaat in this mosque will be granted 1,000 rewards or pahala .

The hadiths narrating the special and advantage of Masjid an Nabawi

"Whoever perform a prayer in my mosque(Masjid Nabawiah) is 1,000 better than praying in other mosques except Masjidil Haram in Makkah and performing a prayer in Masjidil Haram is 100,000 better than other mosques"

"Whoever perform 40 times praying in my mosque without missing a single time, will be written to him/her guarantee free from hell, unbearable punishment
and cleaned from being a liar"

Another view of the same mosque. The mushroom like objects are shelters, automatically open in the day and down fold by night.

Assuming ihram or in sacred state at Zulhulaifah or Bir Ali. The place is the miqat for those who wish to perform umrah especially to entre Makkah from Madinah

A typical dwelling in the Dar al Hajjar, Sanaa, Yemen

The Baitullah or Kaabah situated in the midst of Masjidil Haram, Makkah, the most sacred and the Qiblat for the entire Muslims. Whoever perform a rakaat of prayer will be rewarded 100,000 pahala. In this mosque there are 120 blessings or rahmat: 60 blessing for those who tawaf, 40 blessing for prayers and 20 blessing for other good deeds. Just watching the Kaabah will be rewarded with a plenty of blessing.

Crowd leaving the mosque after performing prayers or other devotions. The mosque in the background showing the main entrance, The Bab Malik Abdul Aziz .

Jabal Nur or Nur Mountains. The most spiritual spot, the Hera cave or "Gua Hera" the place where Muhammad received a wahyu and proclaimed as prophet from Allah
situated in this montains.

At Jabal Rahmah or Rahmah Mountains situated next to Padang Arafah. It was a reunion spot of Prophet Adam with his spouse Hawa after a long separation.

Kaabah at night time. People performing tawaf

At the ruined Hudaibiyyah mosque, another vital historical and spiritual spot. It was built in the reign the 3rd Caliphate Ar Rashidin, Usman bin Affan.
Hudaibiyyah was known in the 10th Hijrah, a bai'ah or oath taking with the followers and a memory of understanding was agreed between Prophet Muhammad and a Quraish representative.

At a camel ranch, Hudaibiyah. Here I drank a fresh camel milk. It is believed that who drinks fresh camel milk consistently will look younger than his/her age. Camel is considered as "ship of the desert' and a miracle animal. Every part and its products are valuable and useful.

At the museum of the two most sacred mosques.
It exhibits the previous parts and photographs of the two mosques.
In the background is the prevoius Zam Zam Well.

With the members of the group at the
Jeddah International Airport before leaving for Sanaa

On top of the Jabal Rahmah, the reunion spot of Prophet Adam and Hawa.

UMRAH DAN ZIARAH 2011 (14 hari/days)


Hari/Day 1(10 Mac/March 2011)

Perjalanan bermula dengan penerbangan Yemeni Air dari KLIA ke Sanaa, Yaman. Penerbangan bermula 1845 waktu tempatan ke Sanaa dan sampai ke destinasi pada 2355 waktu tempatan selepas singgah sekejap di Dubai. Suhunya cukup dingin.

The journey started on the 10th March 2011, fly Yemen Air from KLIA to Sanaa, The administrative capital of Republic of Yemen at 1845 hrs and reached our destination at 2355 after a brief stop at Dubai. Wow! The weather is so cool.

Hari /Day 2(11Mac/March 2011)

Keesokannya sehari di Sanaa, kami dibawa melawat Masjid Al Saleh, masjid terbesar di Yaman, Bab al Yaman dan pasar tradisional Arab Yaman. Persekitaran pasarnya mengingatkan kembali filem Ali Baba Bujang Lapok! Pada tengah harinya kami melawat kesan sejarah tamadun Yaman, di sebuah lembah yang dahulunya kerajaan Saba' dan kesan istana Ratu Balqis. Selepas itu ke Wadi yang ada sebuah perkampungan tradisional. Kedua-duanya dianggap satu keajaiban dan telah dijadikan warisan dunia.
Dalam perjalanan dari pasar kami "terperangkap" dalam demonstrasi aman penyokong-penyokong Ali Abdullah Al Saleh, Presiden Yaman, tiada sebarang provokasi.

The next day, whole day in Sanaa, visited As Saleh Mosque, the biggest in Yemen, Bab al Yemen and the Arabian traditional market, almost similar in the movie Ali Baba Bujang Lapok! The most interesting is the arid valley or wadi, a historical site of remnant of early civilizations of several ancient kingdoms especially the Saba Kingdom, where we could see the site of the Queen Balqis palace. Another wadi witnessed an undisturbed traditional village and dwellers. On the way to these wadis, we were "trapped" in a peaceful demonstration supporting their incumbent President, Ali Abdullah Al Saleh.

Hari/Day 3 - 4, (12-13 Mac/March 2011)

Perjalanan ke Jeddah bermula 2030, 11 Mac 2011) dan sampai pada 2359 selepas singgah di Eden kemudian dibawa ke Madinah dengan bas, solat subuh dan sarapan di tengah perjalanan. Kami sampai di Madinah pada 12 Mac 2011, jam 0930 dan menginap di Hotel Durrat Fayroz, amat hampir dengan Masjid Nabawi. Suhunya amat dingin hingga ke tulang hitam. Sepanjang berada di Madinah kami solat berjemaah lima waktu, berkesempatan bersolat sunat dan berdoa di Raudhah, disamping menziarah Makam Nabi, Abu Bakar dan Omar al Khattab, Jannatul Baqi', Masjid Kuba', Jabal Uhud, Masjid Qiblatain, Masjid Tujuh dan Pasar Tamar.

The next day we left Sanaa for Jeddah at 2030 hrs and reached the destination at 2359 hrs and proceeded to Madinah by road, halt for solat subuh and breakfast. Reached Madinah on the 12th March 2011 at 0930 hrs. The temperature was so chilled especially in the morning. During our stay we performed prayers, visited Prophet, Abu Bakar and Omar al Khattab graves, as well as some historical places.

Hari/Day 5 (14 Mac/March 2011)

Kami meninggalkan Madinah pada jam 1400 selepas solat zohor dan ziarah wada menuju Makkah. Kami berhenti di Zulhulaifah atau Bir Ali untuk solat asar dan berihram. Kami tiba di Makkah pada jam 2000 selepas makan malam di tengah perjalanan, check in di hotel Royal Sultan dan melakukan solat Maghrib dan Isya secara jama' qasar di Masjidil Haram sebelum melakukan tawaf, saei dan bertahallul.

Left Madinah at 1400 hrs bounced for Makkah, halt at Zulhulaifah or Bir Ali for solat asar and assuming ihram, reached Makkah at 2000 hrs, check in Royal Sultan Hotel and completed our prayers and ihram

.Hari/Day 6 -13(15 -22 Mac/March 2011)

Keesokan harinya, 15 Mac 2011, kami berihram di Tana'im dan melakukan umrah, saya mengambil kesempatan mencukur semua rambut. Pada 16 Mac kami di bawa menziarahi Jabal Nur yang mana terdapat Gua Thur, tempat persembunyian Rasul dan Abu Bakar dalam hijrah ke Yathrib, kemudian ke Padang Arafah, Jabal Rahmah, Mina dan Ja'aronah, sebahagian kami berihram di disini dan melakukan umrah.
Semasa tiba di Makkah keadaan cuaca yg redup dan suhu yang dingin hampir menyamai Madinah. Langitnya berawan dan hujan sekejap-sejap menjadi lebat. Hujan amat lebat pada 16 Mac 2011 sebaik selepas solat Isya' dan suhu pagi keesokannya suhu amat dingin.

On the 15th of March 2011, we performed ihram via Tana'im, I had a complete shave. Next day we visited Jabal Nur, Arafah, Jabal Rahmah, Mina and Ja'aronah, some of us performed umrah via Ja'aronah. The weather was cloudy with a shower and a torrential down pour on the 16th night, the temperature was so cool.

Sepanjang berada di Makkatul Mukarramah mulai 15 hingga 22 Mac 2011, kami mengambil kesempatan melakukan solat waktu secara berjemaah, tawaf sunat, pelbagai solat sunat, berdoa, membaca al qur'an dan ada yang melakukan umrah mengikut keupayaan masing-masing.

Pada 20 Mac sebahagiannya termasuk saya berziarah ke ladang unta sambil meminum susu unta jadid, melawat museum "dua tanah haram", berihram di Hudaibiyyah sambil bersolat sunat di masjid berkenaan dan melihat kesan masjid Hudaibiyyah yang telah dibina pada zaman Khalifah Usman ibni Affan.

During our stay in Makkah we grabbed this golden opportunity performing our devotions to Allah.
On the 20th of March, some of us visited a camel ranch, drank its fresh milk, visited "haramain" museum and the historical mosque in Hudaibiyyah.

Hari/Day 14(23 Mac/March 2011)

Hari terakhir di Makkah, selepas melakukan solat subuh secara berjemaah dan tawaf wada kami meninggalkan Makkah menuju Jeddah pada jam 0900. Kami pulang ke tanah air melalui Jeddah pada 1430 dan sampai ke Sanaa pada jam 1800. Penerbangan tergendala dari Sanaa selama 6 jam sebelum meninggalkkan Sanaa pada jam 0130 pagi menuju KLIA sebelum singgah di Riyadh dan Jakarta, sampai pada 24 Mac 2011 di KLIA pada jam 2145, terlepas penerbangan ke Kota Bharu tapi dapat meneruskannya pada keesokan harinya 25 Mac 2011 pada jam 0755 dan selamat sampai di Kota Bharu pada jam 0900.


Terminated our stay in Makkah by performing tawaf wada and left for Jeddah, then to Sanaa before leaving for Malaysia via Riyadh and Jakarta, finally reached KLIA on 24th March 2011 at 2140 hrs, late for our flight to Kota Bharu but continue the next day at 0755 hrs and finally touched down at 0900 hrs.


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