Saturday, August 22, 2009


The peaceful Jalan Hospital. On the right are local government administration offices, judicial court and a state museum. On the left side you may come across MARA and MPKB admin. offices as well as State Education Department .At the far end are Sultan Muhammad IV stadium and Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital.

Jalan Padang Garong, this road leads to Jalan Pengkalan Chepa and the airport,
approximately 12 kilometers away or 15 minutes drive. Tourists by air will definitely pass this road before entering the city.

The City main street, Jalan Tok Hakim. About a half and a decade ago the street was a pedestrian mall or Dataran MPKB with several wooden traditional designed gazebos and batik kiosks. Apart from that solat tarawih was performed in the area in the previous months of Ramadhan before move to Dataran Warisan or The Heritage Square, close to the stadium Sultan Muhammad IV. Recently back again as a main street to enhance economic development and to ease traffic flow. The new street surface and a newly built building on the right is Kota Bharu Trade Centre(KBTC) to mark that the place is recently redeveloped.

The city landmarks. On the spot we can see some historical marks, The Istana Balai Besar and The Royal Museum. Have a look at the two trees, planted since colonial period, the hazel nut and tamarind(asam jawa). Do not forget some tourist coaches park in the area to prove that
Kota Bharu is a tourists' choice. The coaches entered Kota Bharu with only passengers but left the city with passengers, goods and satisfaction!

The Muhammadi Mosque, a religious learning centre and one of the oldest in Kelantan. The multi storey building at the back is the Pelangi Mall comprises condominiums, apartments, a hotel, shops and food court. Giving way for development. In Islam, practise, spiritual, knowledge, faith and development should go in hands.

A unique spot! On the right is Al Baraah Mosque, in the middle is a public rest place and on the left is The Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah or Siti Khadijah Central Market. More than 95% of the vendors are women. Everybody can do business. Leave it for a while to perform solat when you are called to do so, then continue with the business to search for the blessing.

The Business Centre: KB Bazaar is on the right, jewelery shops are on the left and
Pelangi Mall in the foreground

The main Trade and Business centre, the city's busiest street. On the right is the Siti Khadijah Central Market and KB Bazaar. On the left is KB Trade Centre Multi Storey Building housing The Giant Hypermarket and Parkson and jewelery shops and the Pelangi Mall in the far.

Bulatan Tuan Padang or the Round About, so calm before entering the busy part of the city

Kota Darul Naim
"The State Secretary and Administration"
Cool and fresh as surrounded by trees and plants and the administration
is as cool as the vegetation.

KB MALL, the main attraction, the one stop shopping complex

Another shopping complex, attracts housewives for fresh groceries and sea food.
On the left is Sultan Yahya Petra Bridge, linking KB with the districts of Tumpat and Pasir Mas.

Specialist Medical Centre, Kelantan Trade Centre, Perdana Hotel(under intensive renovation)
Opposite is the Stadium Sultan Muhammad IV

Kota Bharu The Islamic City, the capital and administrative city of Kelantan is a city that everyone loves. Calm and beautiful. Despite discrimination of information by the main media, both printed and electronic, sometimes by the emotional individuals, is developing moderately in her own way and style. Can be considered as unique and a main attraction for tourists. Ladies and Gentlemen, (adik kakak sekelian) do come down to Kota Bharu, witness it with your own eyes, feel the difference and walk away with satisfaction. In everybody's mind is
"bila boleh datang lagi"
or "KB I will be back soon".


  1. Kemah My Geology Teacher..semoga Cikgu sejahtera sokmo dinaungi rahmat Allah..

  2. Kemah My Geology Teacher..semoga Cikgu sejahtera sokmo dinaungi rahmat Allah..