Saturday, August 22, 2009


Wakaf Che Yeh about 4 km from the city centre, famous for the Pasar Borong
or Wholesale Market

Wakaf Che Yeh, the famous wholesale market just behind the row of shops. It starts operating from midnight till the sun rise. It deals in groceries, vegetables, fruits and seafoods.

The intensive construction works in progress at the Tunjung NewTown, about 5 km from the city centre. The new Kelantan Education Department will be built nearby the area.

The Kubang Kerian New Town under intensive construction. The building on the right is said to be a wholesale emporium.

The Kubang Kerian New Town. The multi storey building on the right is the University of Science Malaysia Hospital (HUSM)

The Heritage Village, family sport spot and theme under construction. The site is in the Tanjung Chat area and approximately 3 km from the City centre

The Tengku Anis Township Garden. Well equipped with a jogging circuit and stretching equipment, everybody can jog or walk or perform any desired exercises. You may join an aerobic activity or even Tai Chi.

Taman Bendahara, Pengkalan Chepa. In the far end is the University Of Kelantan temporary campus. Just nearby is the Sultan Ismail Petra Airport.

Pulau Melaka, the religious and education centre. Just behind the mosque you may find a traditional wooden house painted in green. You will be definitely stunned in disbelieve when you were told that the house belongs to the incumbent 'mentri besar' of Kelantan.

The City Centre is congested, the cost of land is soaring high and the tremendous increasing number of vehicles pouring into the area. To overcome these problems several measures have been taken into consideration such as developing the city outskirts as some of the examples are shown above.

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