Monday, August 24, 2009


Students of SMK Pak Badol performing sembahyang hajat.

Teachers and parents performing sembahyang hajat.
Tn. Hj. Khalid, Imam Mukim Serdang leads the pray

Students reciting the chapter surah Yasin

Teachers and parents reciting surah Yasin leads by Tuan Imam

13th of August 2009/22 Syaaban 1430, the date to be remembered by all teachers and students of SMK Pak Badol. We performed a very special spiritual program to welcome the month of Ramadhan, pray to Allah for health and prosperity as well as to keep away the spread of swine influenza or influenza A or H1N1 in our area. The recital of the chapter surah YASIN, "sembahyang hajat" and a prayer(doa) were the activities. The Imam of Mukim Serdang, Tn Hj. Khalid led the activities. Parents and some local people joined us.

The month of Ramadhan is the ninth month in Muslim calender, the Hijriah. All matured muslims are compulsory to fast in daytime except those allowed by the syariah or the Islamic law. Fasting does not only mean not to eat, drink and intercourse during daytime but also to stay away from doing something that could nullify the fast or lessen it reward or "pahala". This month is also called The month of blessing(keberkatan/rahmat), forgiveness(pengampunan/maghfirah), devotion(ibadah), generosity(sedeqah), Al Quran and charity(kebajikan). Everybody is encouraged to devote, increase their devotions to Allah and do for charity. All these are to make one's trait remarkable.

The simplest routine starts immediately after sunset with the breaking of the fast or berbuka puasa with dates and plain water. This is to instantly recover the lost energy and moisture in the body. The sembahyang terawih could be performed only in this very month, never debate over the "rakaat", you may do at the minimum of eight or twenty. Before sunrise, "bersahur" or early morning breakfast will help to store energy and moisture in the body and of course "niat" or intention to verify the next day fasting.

Some of the crucial events for the Muslim occurred in Ramadhan:

1. The Al Quran was brought down or Nuzul Al Quran.
The 17th day of the month is a memory day for it and Kelantan declares a public holiday.

2. The very first battle won by the Muslim against the infidels known as "Badar al Kubra"
It was a turning point for the beginning of the rise of a Muslim State centred in Madinah.

3. The night of Qadr or Laila Al Qadr or locally Malam Lailatul Qadar by the laymen, falls on one
of the odd night of the last ten days. That particular night is better than a thousand months.
Watch out for the night by devoting to Allah from the beginning of Ramadhan until the very
last day of the month. Insyaallah you will come across the night either you notice it or not.
Wallahu A'lam. Only Allah knows.

4. The digging of drain or "khandaq" engulfed the town of Madinah as a preparation to curb the aggressive attacks from the infidels and later known as The battle of Khandaq.

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