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BACHOK, Kampung halaman yang kukenang sepanjang hayat.

Bachok is one of the administrative districts or jajahan in the state of Kelantan. Situated east and about 25 km from Kota Bharu. At present the total population is approximately 150,000 people, Malays are predominant, Chinese and Siamese are minorities. The main economy is agriculture apart from fishing, business and working in government and private sectors. Bachok Town is the centre of administration, business and transportation of the district. Other smaller towns are shown in the map below are famous for their wet markets and fair price groceries for the local folk.

Bachok Town or Bandar Bachok, recently declared as The Islamic Tourism Town or Bandar Pelancongan Islam by the incumbent mentri besar of Kelantan, Tuan Guru Hj. Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat on the &th of June 2011.

Bachok Town is my home town, the place I was raised and brought up since childhood. The place I received my primary and secondary education before I left to pursue my tertiary education in Kuala Lumpur. I came back forth later not to serve the town but to educate the children from the area in other place. Even though I have settled down in Kota Bharu I eventually visit the town and the surrounding area to remember the past. YES certainly I am so proud and grateful to ALLAH to be raised and brought up in Bachok.

Below are few photos to share about the places.

Map of the district of Bachok showing Bachok Town as the main town in red circle
and other smaller towns and settlements circle in various colours according to their size and importance.

The location of Bachok Town and other main towns in the state of Kelantan.
Its location is out of the main route to other major towns.

To reach the place without any difficulty, signboards are placed at
strategic junctions to guide motorists and visitors.
If in doubt friendly locals are ready to solve your problem.

One of the district boundaries

Polite and warm greeting steals the heart of visitors

To mark your entrance to the town centre

The landmark. Pantai Irama, a better sight before entering the town.
For elaboration please visit the previous posts

The lagoon of Pantai Irama and its clear reflection,
one of the main attraction to the town and of the district

Another part of the lagoon, so nostalgic to me.
I spent my young age to catch fish and mud crabs or ketam nipah
which were plenty at that time to supplement my pocket and educational purpose.
Currently I don't think there are any more of these marine lifes.

The current Bachok Town, Jalan Nahkoda Saamah,
the main business, monetary and transportation centres
that serves the needs of the population.

The remnant of the old portion,
was a prosperous business centre in the 1950s
before it moved to the new section
and then the later washed down by the combination of flood in 1967
and continuous high waves.
Formerly the Malays and Chinese ran groceries and goldsmith shops
and the mamak Malabari handling eating shops.

My home, the place I was raised and brought up.
The old traditional house has disappeared
and the abandoned patch of land is untouched

The main road, Jalan Pantai Irama, the business street.

The main road Jalan Nyior Chabang adjoining Jalan Pantai Irama,
the administrative, social and cultural centres.
I used to walk along this street daily to school about a mile away.
Another road was constructed to bypass the town
and the new site for future development

Other smaller towns and settlements

Beris Kubor Besar.

Tawang-Pengkalan Petah
famous for toasted fish and sea food restaurants

Pengkalan Petah
a terminal for deep sea fishing boats and trawlers

Kg Balai.
The Siamese settlement famous for it Twin Dragon Temple or
Wat Phothikyam Phuttqaktham, a Buddist temple.

The main site for education and training centre.
The New University of Malaysia Kelantan campus,
government schools, Co-curricular Centre, National Service,
National Technical Training Institute
District Education Office and FAMA district office

the most populated town

Jelawat main road and business centre
famous for daily wet market and a boost for it
busy pasar tani on every Friday

Jelawat Wet Market

Chabang Empat Gunong
The name of the settlement derived from an isolated hill that can be seen clearly in the foreground. The meeting place from other districts
especially Kota Bharu and Pasir Puteh before proceeding to Bachok town.
It is famous for the Royal Endurance Site and Shooting Training Field.

Thank you.

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