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PANTAI IRAMA or 'Beach of Melody' is synonymous to the district of Bachok. Famous for it extensive stretch of gently sloping sandy beach and said to be the most beautiful in Kelantan. It has good visitors facilities and being the best spot for visitors especially in the weekend(Friday and Saturday) and public holidays. Facing the South China Sea, it attracts visitors for any purposes such as sight seeing, picnic, camping, dipping, boating and a lot more.

It is accessible by road from Kota Bharu the capital city approximately 20 km and only 25 minutes drive from the city via Tawang and the beach.

Below are information about the beach:
The nature, efforts done by the local authority
to boost tourism in the area and some threats.

Introduction: Official declaration of the town of Bachok as "Bandar Pelancongan Islam"
or The Islamic Tourism Town on 7th of June 2011/5 Rejab 1432H
by the incumbent Menteri Besar of Kelantan,
YAB Tuan Guru Datuk Hj. Nik Abdul Aziz b. Nik Mat.

Note: Bachok is the administrative, cultural and business town
for the district bearing the same name.

The physical features

An extensive stretch of gently sloping sandy beach

Shady casuarinas dominate the sand ridge

Fine sandy beach and the shady sand ridge in the foreground

Another view of the beach exposing the calm sea,
sandy beach and the shady sand ridge.

The efforts

The reminder to stay away from the shore
during high wave and rough sea
normally from November - March

Visitors facilities: gazebos, metalized road and cleanliness

Well grown, groomed and managed casuarina(rhu) for convenience

More facilities: accessible road, parking lots, food stalls and rest rooms

Watch tower for life guards and rescue team to detect any difficulties
and emergency cases by the visitors and ready for action.
Stretch of concrete wave breaker to protect the ridge, casuarinas
and any erections from the wave erosion

The threats

Facing the open South China Sea the beach is exposed to calamity and the authority faces a hard time to overcome. The Northeast Monsoon wind prevails from November to March blows strongly pushing high and strong erosive waves repeatedly to the beach destroying everything on its way. The other threats are secondary, could be easily handled by the local authority such as unruly behavior of the visitors, cleanliness and coping the overwhelming increasing visitors.

Wave erosion destroying trees and some of the facilities

The eroded part covered with creepers
and turn to be a litter dumping ground

A stretch of eroded part between the sand ridge and the concrete wave protector.

Seriously affected part

More trees and facilities waiting for the faith.

I firmly believe that the local authority in hand with other agencies will positively sustain Pantai Irama as one of the most attractive tourist spot not only by local or national level and international level as well. INSYAALLAH

Thank you

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