Friday, August 28, 2009


A young woman and her pet fish especially fighting fish

A vendor with headphone, demonstrating the mineral content in water using electric bulbs. The brighter light indicate good mineral content, no light mineral content is nil.

The street dominates by enterprising women

Hai Che Din banyak laku hari ini? "Boleh tehe kakloh".
He deals in various precious stones and rings. You have a lot of choice, purchase the desired, trade in or any service concerning the product. He claims he sell at a reasonable and affordable price and request you to compare the offered price with other vendors or jewel shops.

Young vendor(wearing turban) offering alcohol free perfume oil or minyak athar with various fragrance.
He will make you try the latest product to make you feel pleasant.

A woman displaying her traditional herbs and medicinal products.
She claims that she could heal diabetes and even at critical stage.
Photos showing diabetes patience having treatment.
You can try it.

Ah ha! Dhab and its product. The alive reptile is in the cage and the dried just beside it. The owner claims that it flesh can overcome any health problems,
including man and woman "vital" problems.
The habitat of real dhab is the desert and live on the surrounding rare vegetation.
The question is, is it the real dhab?

Flower plants in pots and poly bags. On the right dealing in traditional herbs.

A mobile health service? The owner(with white kopiah and dark dress facing us) offers free service for checking blood pressure and glucose content at extremely cheap cost. You may try and don't forget to purchase medicinal product for the above treatment.

A watch smith at work and dealing in affordable watches.
You may bargain the branded watches like Rado, Gucci, Rolex and so on.

Remedy for men and women. Just question him the effectiveness and he would not hesitate to convince and share it with you.

Gardening tools and local made weapons

An Arab waiting patiently for customers. Varieties of product of the Mediteranean can be seen, especially preserved fruits.

Ah demo ruponya. My friend En. Fauzi displaying his textile goods. Hanging at the back are imported coats and blazers at affordable price. He is willing to display the goods at your doorstep or delivery as well.
If interested you may use the contact no. 0179374051 for arrangement.

Various type of oil for your vehicles.
Also on the spot are water filter equipment and clothes

Juwa ggapo tu kakwe dio? Temaka daghak, ghokok daung awe weh, tok beso keleh ko?
This old timer selling the local tobacco product and nipah shoot cigarette or rokok daun ,
something rare nowadays. Her customers are of the same age.

Several verieties. On the left, young vendors entertaining their customer interested in solok arab, raisin and dates juice. In the middle a man dealing in insect and pest killer while on the right a woman displaying beef and chicken floss.
Ones can find these on every Friday morning, as early as 7.00am untill noon. The above closeup shows only the unusual and rare products but the others are much more.
To those who love to listen to an open weekly kuliyyah by the YAB Menteri Besar Kelantan,
all these are normal scene. Do experience it by yourself.

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