Saturday, June 13, 2009


During the last school vacation I took my family to visit several places. We left KB on the 8th of June towards KL. Halfway we were caught in a long queue, exactly in the middle of the forest in Bukit Tujuh between Gua Musang and K. Lipis. An accident had occurred involving the 40 ton wagon, blocking the way. The mishap occurred as early as 5.00am, but the clearing of wreckage began at 2.00pm and completed by 6.00pm, 5 hours of exhaustive waiting. Thank to our police department for the initiative. The queue was estimated to be 10 km long and what a pity to see that several wedding ceremonies perhaps to be postponed or late. I saw quite a number of grooms still in their traditional attires fanning themselves for a cooler air. We reached KL safely by midnight and be with my double Cu the next day.

Back to KB via Cameron Highlands, a mountain resort famous for strawberry, varieties of fresh vegetables, flowers and high quality tea. After ascending a winding and a breath taking 50km drive we halt and enjoyed tea besides the tea plantation and then proceed to Brinchang, the highest and coldest spot of the area. My daughters were astonished by the appearance of orang asli and their dwellings that could be found along the route.

A score of years ago I neither didn't dare to go out after dusk until noon without sweater nor took shower without hot water, but not at present. The surrounding had changed, concrete buildings replaced trees, farm lands had taken over virgin forests and the increasing number of vehicles pouring into the area.


  1. Cikgu,

    Strangely, Nuraini (my classmate massa kelas Alpha dulu) WAS on the other side of the road! She was going back to P Mas, and got stuck there for 7 hours.

    I went back on Thurs eve, arriving just before 9pm, and came back on Saturday. We came back via Gerik - didn't dare to try the Gua Musang->Raub way.

  2. Ya lah Sabariah. Cuba imagine >5hr stranded dlm hutan atas bukit, panas and missed my solat Jumaat. Kesian grooms and brides that day, why? Kalu kamu jadi bride hari tu camano? Bagi tahu lah kawan ko orang blog cikgu ni boleh ingat kisah lama.

    26.6 ni MAT PIBG SMS are u coming?