Sunday, September 6, 2009


Slides below showing the model of the vehicles which my spouse and myself, still in use and ever owned. I rode the Yamaha C75 motorbike while I was a student to make it easy for me to attend lectures while pursuing my studies in UM. The cash price was only RM1150.00. I drove The Morris Marina motorcar after my step father passed away, just after my graduation and had given the motorbike in exchange to my brother until it was sold as scrap metal. Due to mechanical problems I have to bid her farewell.

The Datsun 120Y or known as "Datsun Buah Hulu" was not a handsome model but durable, economics, no mechanical problem and "loyal", until a man interested in her. After a brief negotiation, the car changed owner and I used the mutual amount as a deposit for Proton Saga Iswara. This car served my family well especially my spouse. She used her in pursuing her studies in UTM, Skudai, Johore. I am on the wheels of NAZA Citra due to my interest in MPV, enhanced with a good price offered for Iswara, an interesting promotion and offer and her catchy appearance.

On the other hand, my spouse even though satisfied with her aging Datsun 1000 or known as "Datsun Kotak" and then Toyota Starlet at last waved goodbye to them and Proton Saga 1.5S as a replacement. Her keen interest in 4WD had made her switched to Mitsubishi Pajero and then to KIA Sportage. Perodua Kancil 850SE is our third car for roaming in the town but our daughter requested to bring it to the Capital City. Due to world recession, the price of used cars deteriorate heavily, she quickly trade in with a handsome Toyota Vios, a small but powerful car. The introduction of SUV, Toyota Rush made her love with the former faded away.

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