Saturday, March 27, 2010


Towards the Jom Heboh site, private vendors take opportunity selling their produce.

The overwhelming crowd at the site

Yeah another one

My daughter and friend enjoy the day

Myself and spouse enjoy the day also.
I couldn't stand the heat so irritating, but a good experience

Yeap! This TV3 annual entertainment programme finds it mark in this state, the weekend of 26th and 27th of March 2010. A remarkable success and the pulling of crowd is overwhelming.

Formerly "sure heboh" was ruled "haram" due to spectators' unruly behavior and uncontrolled situation.

The word "jom' does not appear in Kamus Dewan, I guess it mean 'ayuh/ marilah" or "come on" or let's go?
"Heboh" bermakna 'suasana gempar' atau 'menjadi buah mulut' or a situation in which a lot of confusion or the situation that had being talk publicly. So just think the accurate one!

Apart attracting local crowd, it received a royal touch when the Acting to the throne of Kelantan, YM Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra and his sister YM Tengku Amalin A'aisyah were at the scene. The incumbent YAB Menteri Besar of Kelantan, Tuan Guru Datuk Hj. Nik Ab. Aziz also joined the crowd. He agreed that this programme is beneficial and could be the annual programme if there is no violation of the appropriate enactment or any rules and regulation concerning entertainment imposed.

Well! I found that the programme is remarkable. The promotion and selling of industrial and traditional product was profitable. The involvement of entertainment celebrities and personalities was the main attraction. They, the women entertainers wore 'tudung' some fully bertudung and some only partially but were not allowed to perform during concert.
The question are they sincere? Well let's see, they keep on wearing or took it off after the programme or back in KL.

Will this controlled situation happened or will happen in other states:?
No spectators came on stage to cause immoral act.
The performers were entirely men and no men and women "bersalam"
Separate places for men and women spectators.


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