Thursday, June 17, 2010


Myself and spouse on the hill slope with the cliff in the background

Another interesting background

Align CenterThe shallow cave and the sand.
The end features of an intensive wave erosion and deposition.
During high tide the cave will be filled with sea water.

An isolated rock.
Have a close look at the different types of rock combine to form the larger one.

Isolated rocks appear during low tide and then disappear during high tide.
On the right is a cliff.
Far in the foreground is the deserted island, Pulau Rhu.

Another interesting feature as a result of an intensive wave erosion, the sea arch.

Notice the vertical line, reveals that the rock containing iron

The wall close up.
Result of sedimentation and erosion

Align CenterStones. pebbles and sand of various colour, size and shapes cemented(combined) to form an interesting conglomerate rock

Location: Bukit Keluang, Besut, Terengganu

The location is an ideal destination for holidays, family gathering, camping, outward bounds and nature lovers . Only an hour by road from Kota Bharu. To stay overnight, a resort is just a stone throw away. As a Geography teacher and interested in Morphology, the presence of an isolated hill with interesting rocks formation and features recall my interest to share.

On that very day, a photography session involving two newly wed couples in special attires struck my idea to have the same too.

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