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SAWADDE KAP! The greeting and politeness make us feel at home
in Thailand.

31st May - 4 June 2011, my spouse and me joined a holiday trip to Thailand. The excursion was organized by MPSM(Board of Malaysia School's Principal), Kelantan Branch, formerly PKPSM. The group comprised 38 participants, principals, former principals and some with their spouses.

The entire trip was loyally accompanied by a tourist guide, Mr Hatta, a Malay of Thailand nationality who provided us knowledge with his fluent narration and humour.

We spent overnight in Bangkok and the next morning(1st June) had an interesting experience cruising the Menam Chao Phraya to view the city and riverside settlements from its mother river. We were astonished to come across shoal of enormous catfish or ikan patin surrounded our boat and more to come by the time we threw snacks and bread into the water.

We left Bangkok bound for Chiengmai by air in the evening and had a stay for a couple of nights. We travelled by road from Chiengmai to Chiengrai and northwards(2nd June). On the way we stopped to witness a fake geyser, claim to be highest in Thailand and some of us purchased gems and jewels at nearby shops. Further north, Mae Sai the most northern point of Thailand, the bordering town with Myanmar. Some of us particularly women had a gems and jewels rush. Then we proceeded to the Golden Triangle, formerly the most perilous place but currently had turned to be the safest place.

The next day(3rd June) we had another amazing experience. At the Maesa Elephant Camp, Chiengmai we witnessed tame and friendly elephants, their activities and the incredulous show performed by these long nose. On the same day we visited Orchid Garden, local silk weaving and knitting and leather industries, honey shop and the handicraft centre. Before having a dream we strolled the night market for some goods and the foot massage for good.

We left Chiengmai for Bangkok in the evening, stayed overnight before flew home the next day.

The only three Thai words that could remember were
Sawadde Kap for the greeting, hongnam for the toilet and kopun which mean thank you

Below are few photos and a brief captions about our trips

On arrival at Swarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok.

Myself and spouse at the departure hall, the same airport

My spouse, myself, Hj. Ahmad and spouse at the departure hall, KLIA,
patiently waiting for a flight bound for Bangkok

My spouse and Puan Fauziah posing at the
Swarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok

before leaving for home

Cruising Thailand's mother river, Chao Praya.
The floating hawker persuading us to buy his goods.
To our surprise, further up shoal of huge catfish surrounded our boat
and had an interesting time feeding them.

The bridge over Menam Chao Phraya
and the modern multi-storey building in the far sight.

Whoooosh! Up the fake geyser, it shoots up 100 ft.
and claim to be the highest in Thailand

All in the group, Mae Sai the most northern town in Thailand
bordering Myanmar in the background. Nationalities of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos

are free to cross the border for business.

The Golden Triangle.
On the Thailand side, at the junction of Mekong River and its tributary. On the left bank is Myanmar(formerly Burma) and Laos on the right.
A gigantic catfish or ikan patin inhibit the river.
Recently fish weight more than 560 kg was netted by the local fisherman.

A traditional settlement by the bank of Menam Chao Phraya

Members of the group at the Orchid Garden, Chiengmai.
Varieties of appropriate plants and butterflies are abundant

One of the main tourist attractions in the country
can be found in the province of Chiengmai

At the elephant camp. Elephants after the show

The elephant parade before and after the show.
The incredulous performance had made spectators refused to vacate
the arena until the end.

The most astonishing performance definitely elephants did the painting,
the result was remarkable.

At the Golden Triangle, the area is solely to attract tourists,
statues dominate the erections

At the local silk factory.
The girl is boiling cocoons to kill and separate the moths and intruders from the fibre

At the silk factory, the weaving process

At the local handicraft factory.
The petal of the umbrellas are made from the Sal bark and is processed traditionally

One of the sal bark giant umbrellas.

Astonishing! One of the incredulous painting finished by one of the elephants

Some facts to share and to think critically.

1. A man made geyser that shoots 100 ft. high was built just to attract tourists.

2. Imitation goods especially precious stones, gems and jeweleries dominate jewel shops, is the main attraction for women.

3. Shoal of catfish swims freely, openly and grown up to giant size in the river but no one cares to fish them out.

4. Elephants are well trained, friendly and intelligent, could do the painting better than human being.

5. The Golden Triangle that covers part of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos once the most hazardous area, currently turns to be the safest one.

6. The Swarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok took 42 years to complete due to bribery.

7. Nature are fully utilized even on small scale to add up as part of tourism.

Thank you

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