Friday, May 27, 2016


Krabi, Thailand


 KRABI, a west coast of southern Thailand province facing the Andaman Sea.
We a group of score were at the province to  spend our weekend.The journey commenced on the 20.5.2016 via Sungai Kolok - Hat Yai and reached Krabi by 9.00pm local time.

Day 1(20.5.2016)

 Began our journey from Sungai Kolok and had a brief stop at Hat Yai. The main destination, certainly the market place and the floating market. On arrival, it rained cats and dogs after 7 months of drought.
After breakfast at Sungai Kolok

Hat Yai

The floating market situated just outskirt of the town, on the river Hat Yai. This 3 times a week (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)  the market begins at 4.00 in the evening offers a colourful sight and local delights and specialties. The hawkers row their boats all the way from their homes and harbour  at the spot. Most of them are Muslim women.

   Day 2: Krabi(21.5.2016)

At the peak of our trip. Hopping the islands by speed boat, dipping, swimming and snorkeling. From the mainland it took a 40 minutes of hair raising journey to islands in the bay. The islands and the surrounding waters were once a location of James Bond movie in 1974.

At the Krabi beach waiting for the ride
Another posing on Bamboo Island

The first stop, Bamboo island.

Snorkeling at Koh Phi Phi. 

Maya Beach

Koh Phi Phi.

Day 3(22.5.2016)

The way back

Gigantic crab, Krabi

The mascular

The Jumbo

Grilled banana
Roti pisang

The "incomplete" mosque, Gerisik, Pattani.

At last

Very interesting and looking forward for another trip.
See you soon KRABI.


Koh Panyi @ Panyee Island @ Pulau Panji

Terletak dalam wilayah Phang Nga mengambil masa 30 minit dengan bot dari Phuket atau 20 minit dari Phang Nga. Sebuah perkampungan nelayan yang dibina di atas air, penduduknya hanya 2000 orang atau 360 keluarga, kesemuanya beragama Islam, asalnya nelayan dari Jawa. Tanah daratan hanya 5%, dibina sebuah masjid dan tanah perkuburan. Pemandangannya amat cantik dan menawan.

Tarikh lawatan 30.1.2018
melalui package KTMB

James Bond Island

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