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Cool Tokyo



Arigato guzaimas.
Kami sekeluarga seramai 8 orang mengambil kesempatan menikmati kedinginan awal musim bunga di Tokyo mulai 21 Mac hingga 27 Mac 2017. Kami sempat menikmati keindahan Cherry Blossom atau sakura, keindahan semula jadi yang mengkagumkan, gaya hidup orang Jepun yang moden, kecanggihan teknologi Jepun dan menikmati makanan asli Jepun yang lazat. Purata suhu yang kami alami minimum -4 darjah C dan maksimum 12 darjah C.

Arigato guzaimas ( a Japanese greeting)
Visited Tokyo in early spring, from 21 March till 27 March 2017. An early cherry blossom or sakura and her nature were captivating. Had a slight touch on modern Japanese life style, sophisticated technology and a taste on delicious Japanese cuisines. We braved our way in the cold temperature ranging -4 deg C to 12 deg C. 

Berikut adalah aktiviti-aktiviti dan pengembaraan yang kami lalui sepanjang berada di sana.  

                  Day 1, 21.3.2017: KLIA - Haneda -  Sumida.

A street in Hikifune, Sumida
on our way to Hikifune station

A lane in Hikifune, Sumida
our 7 days resident 

                 Day 2, 22.3.2017: Odaiba Aqua City

Odaiba is an artificial or man made island in Tokyo Bay. It is a developed commercial, residential and leisure area and better known as Tokyo Waterfront Secondary City Centre.

At Hikifune Station waiting for a train

In a coach, first experience in a
Japanese train, cool and convenience

Odaiba City

Have a taste on Japanese
grilled sweet potato 

Exclusively grill over heated stones,
very sweet and tasty

A robot under maintain
a symbol of advanced technology
Exhibition, a vintage car.
 Looking backward of
 a classical technology

Another vintage,
a painting of  an old city

A futuristic vehicles by Toyota Inc.

A symbol of Industrial activities

one of the famous business street.

  Day 3, 23.3.2017: Yoyogi, Harajuku Takashita Street and Shibuya.

Yoyogi Park, a popular spot in central Tokyo. in the north a lush sprawl of trees and greenery and in the south an event plaza and open stage.

Tokyo Camii, largest mosque in Tokyo and a Turkish Cultural Centre.

Harajuku Takashita Street, a pedestrian shopping street comprising mostly small independent shops.

Shibuya, a shopping district. A fashion centre of Japan particularly for young people and a major night life. Shibuya station is one of the busiest railway station in Japan. The Hachiko statue is the main attraction especially for photo session. Hachiko was a loyal legendary and famous dog patiently waiting for its owner until its death. 

                                           Yoyogi Public Park

Inside the park, colourful. 
The entrance


                                                    Tokyo Camii

                 Harajuku Takashita Street

Preparing Takoyaki.

Takoyaki, a famous and delicious Japanese cuisine


Hachiko Statue

Day 4, 24.3.2017: Hakone

Hakone, situated in the southwestern part of Kanagawa, famous for its spring and natural beauty. It is one of the most popular spot for local and international tourists. Home for spas and historical zones.


Snowing in Hakone, temperature 0 deg C
Cruising Lake Ashinoko on an ancient ship

Cruising Lake Ashi.
Just cruising,  the shrine on the left and
the invisible Mount Fuji.
Exact spot to view Mount Fuji
but unfortunate due to thick mist

Too cold for us

More snow, -4 deg C

Volcanic fumes, strong smell of sulphur.
Tozan Train or rough train cutting through
rough track and an eye soothing scenery
Rope car. So unfortunate, closed to visitors
due unpredictable volcanic fumes
Cable train climbing steep slope

Day 5, 25.3.2017: Tokai University, Shonan Campus Kanagawa. 

My main purpose of visiting Japan was to attend my daughter's convocation at this appropriate campus. It is a private university in Tokyo. 

In the congregation hall

Me, a Japanese friend and my spouse

Japanese girls in their traditional costume kimono
attending the occasion.

Malaysian students in the campus

After the occasion, we had a taste on noodle soup 
or  ramen another Japanese cuisine

Day 6, 26.3.2017: Asakusa and Akibahara

Asakusa is a leading entertainment district and shopping street in Tokyo. The main attractions are Skytree, Shensoji Temples and various other temples and shrines.

Akibahara also known as Electric Town and shopping centre for household electronic goods, video games and computer goods.

                                                            Shensoji Temple, Asakusa

Tokyo Skytree. 
The 634m broadcasting and observation tower

Have a taste on wagyu beef.
Wagyu is a special Japanese breed cattle
for its high quality meat.

                                                In the shopping complex, Akibahara

Day 7, 27.3.2017: Shinjuku - Shinagawa - Oena - Haneda. 

Shinjuku is a major commercial and administrative centre of Tokyo. The busiest railway station in the world.

Shinagawa, a home of 10 embassies and one of the busiest transportation centre in Tokyo. 

Oena Park

The real sakura, an early blossom

The fake sakura
End of our tour
off to Kuala Lumpur at 2200 local time

Alhamdulillah safely landed on Malaysian soil by 0700.
Looking forward for the next trip even though it was a time, energy and money consuming.
In conclusion, indeed it was a worth one.

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