Sunday, February 15, 2009

SMK PAK BADOL. Marhaban Ya Muharram 1430

Students lending their ears to an oration by the guest orator from The Kota Bharu Teacher's Institution(IPKB)

The new year of Hijriah 1430, in the Muslim calender, starts with the month of Muharram. It literary means to forbid or cease fire.
It is a tradition to mark its coming, some folk cooperate to cook a spicy porridge known as 'bubur asyura'. Teachers, students and supportive staff of SMK Pak Badol is not an exceptional. The porridge is cooked in a huge half oval shape pot known as kawah. Main ingredients are cereal such as rice and corn, nuts, tubers, sugar and salt to taste, coconut milk to make it fatty, beef or chicken and grounded spice. It takes a long, exhausted and tears but interesting six hours to serve. The most important, of course, cooperation, patience and tolerance. We are to prove that we possess all these qualities. All teachers, students and their parents and staff of this school, our neighbours and some passerby walk away with their share.

An oration in memory of the migration of the beloved Prophet Muhammad(bless upon him) and his faithful companions from Makkah to Madinah and the importance of sacrification was held.

Staff and students cooking the bubur asyura.
Long poles with their ends fixed with metals to
avoid hot jumping porridge from injuring the body.

Ready to be served. Hmmm, looks tasty and nourishing! Mintak sikit kak cik. Boleh, lepas ni gi jauh-jauh nanti ketuk ngan sendok ni kang

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