Saturday, February 14, 2009

SMK PAK BADOL; The Panoramic Views

A garden between class blocks.

Green, shady and conducive "Wakaf Comel" or The Beautiful Gazebo for staff and students to relief and relax.

Edible garden comprising local vegetables, some fruits plants, a mushroom house and a fish pond. In 2008 this garden won the 1st place in such competition organized by the Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority(FAMA). This year(2009) we are looking forward to retain the trophy and absolutely to make it much better .

The Herbal garden containing some valuable medicinal herbs such as mengkudu, kacip fatimah and misai kucing, tujuh jarum, serai wangi etc. Formerly a few longjack or tongkat ali was planted but disapppeared before it reached maturity, until at this moment is still at large.

Assembly square, administration office and a staff room

The school landmarks, surrounded by palm trees.

Part of the playing field, the "astaka"or stage and students' hostel in the foreground. The hostel acomodate 150 students comprising 90 girls and 60 boys, physically well equipped with comfortable bedrooms, study rooms, prayer rooms, warden quarters, dining rooms and a mosque.

The main entrance. It is accessible to Kota Bharu, Pasir Puteh and all main villages in the district.

I begin the day as the Principal of SMK Pak Badol on the 1st of December 2008. Categorizes as a rural school in the district of Bachok, Kelantan, one of the 14 schools administer by the District Education Office of Bachok. This school is so call in relation to the village, Pak Badol one the villages in the mukim of Mahligai. It is accessible by road, only 20 minutes drive from Kota Bharu and 15 minutes to Pasir Puteh. So no problem at all. Above are some attractive panoramic views of the school esp. in the compound to share.

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