Saturday, January 24, 2009


Thursday 22nd of Jan.2009, the sending off ceremony was held in respect for the former Principal Hj. Ahmad bin Abdullah, the present principal of SMK Bachok. A friend of mine since childhood. I called him "Fuad" his family's pet name. It began at noon with a farewell speech, exchanging presents and gestures, a farewell march accompanied by staff and pupils and the beating of kompang and bunga manggar. Also present was the Head of School's Parents and Teachers Society. The party reached SMK Bachok by 1.00 in the afternoon and was well received by the Staff and pupils. The ceremony ended at half past two after the welcoming speech and lunch. He was pretty lucky because of the permitted weather. Good Luck and enjoy yourself here.

Pictures: From the top; welcome to SMK Bachok, Tn. Hj. Ahmad; march to leave; nice to be together again.

SMK Bachok in my memory. I received my early education here, together with Hj. Ahmad. We pursued our education under the same roof but enclosed within the different four walls. I took a glance at several places and here some of the memories to share:

1. At my former Form 5 classroom I could remember I was whipped by the headmaster, En. Mokhtar Hassan for obtaining poor marks in a significant school examination. I took this as a challenge, I struggled and at last I was declared as the best student in MCE 1970, which brought me to further my 6th Form education in SDAR Seremban. I met him several times and the moment I could not forget, he hugged me and with a lovely whisper "I am proud of you my boy". "I owe you my heart, Sir", I replied.

2. At the canteen, I could still remember myself as a naughty boy. I bought an ice 'kepal'. After sucking the juicy content, I threw the tasteless ice and unfortunately hit one of the girls. The ice rolled down into her blouse and she screamed because of coldness. I was then punished by standing on the chair, so shameful and yet so sorry.
One day in the year 2007, I met that girl in Machang. We still recognized each other. She is a grandma with two grandchildren by her side.

3. At the far end, just across the playing pitch, I could still remember myself and some of the boys were picking and gathering young leaves from 'kandis' trees(pucuk pokok kandis) which were abundant in the area for our appetite. The taste was quite acidic but more tasty to be taken with salt. Some of us came to school with half of the pocket filled with this chemical, including myself and Ahmad. Now those trees had vanish and replaced by buildings.

Thank you.


  1. Cikgu,

    Saya dimaklumkan oleh Hj Zahran tentang blog cikgu ni.

    Tahniah saya ucapkan kerana berubah angin (dari SMAS ke SMK Pak Badol). Juga tahniah kerana sudah memulakan blog. Seronok saya membaca catatan cikgu saya :-)

    SMK Pak Badol - kenangan yang tak dapat dilupakan saya ialah pertandingan Bahas anjuran Koperasi Negeri pada 1978. Tak ingat lawan siapa, tapi kita menang dam SMKPB jadi tuan rumah utk peringkat suku akhir (atau separuh akhir). Come to think of it, we did the same with SMAS :-)

    Bila lah lagi saya berpeluang menjejakkan kaki ke sekolah itu semula?

  2. Thank you and be my guest. Di SMAS almost 6 years,I have another 1.5 years and hope to end my service here. Boleh datang bila2 masa.

    Saya masih ingat, saya bersama pembahas SMSKel. Kita menang lawan tuan rumah di 1/4 akhir dan kita jadi juara kalahkan SM Lemal di Dewan Perniagaan Cina. Sabariah ko tu?

  3. Cikgu,

    Maaf, lambat sikit masuk sini .

    Saya pun tk ingat dah kat mana. Kalau di Dewan Perniagaan Lemal tu rasanya betul dah.. Kalau Bahas Koperasi, mmg saya salah sorg pemidato, bersama2 dgn Aziz Ahmad (PPD Machang?) dan Zul A rasanya. Kami masa tu Team B. Team A masuk PPM.

    By the way, earlier today Zul Mohd Nor (yg jantung berlubang dulu tu) kembali ke Rahmatullah ptg tadi.
    Boleh baca di blog saya di

  4. Betul tu. Tentang kembalinya Zulkifli Saya dah diberitahu seorang guru sekolah ni yang kebetulan ada hubungan keluarga dengan Allahyarham tu. Anyway sama-samalah kita doakan agar roh beliau ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yang soleh.

  5. Salam.sila ke blog kami untuk mendapatkan soalan percubaan PMR 09 dari sabah