Saturday, April 4, 2009


, Institut Aminudin Baki known among teachers. It is an educational institution that provides not only training sessions and giving out educational knowledge but also the bursting of ideas and sharing of experiences. Myself, Hj. Najib and Hj. Muhd. Yaacob attended the session on "Kejurulatihan Pengetua-Pengetua Kanan Kebangsaan" from 30.3.2009 - 3.4.2009. 32 Senior Principals from all over the country joined the session. The main idea was to prepare and produce a module of consultation to firm the knowledge and leadership style for new principals. During the session we shared knowledge and experiences with some of the lecturers especially Dr. Hj. Mohammad Yusuf, Pn. Rosnarizah and Hj. Razak.

Quite interesting to share was the physical fitness session which revealed our current health condition. My health condition.........waaah what a tremendous shock and perhaps incredible. It was recorded by the latest and sophisticated equipment as excellent and 4 years younger than my age. I told my spouse about this and the reply, " Biar muda pada body tapi jangan muda pada hati".

Above are some photos of us. We took the opportunity to visit Genting Highland, the tourist and amusement mountain resort during free time.

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