Sunday, January 24, 2010


Doa Tuan Guru:
"Pray for peace and harmony.
To enlighten the hearts of Federal leaders to stay away
from the feeling of discrimination to Kelantan
and of course the petroleum royalties for the people of Kelantan"

Smile in his face and polite at heart

A good leader and administrator


This north eastern state of the peninsular is unique and interesting. The use of some of the local dialects such as "bekwoh"(kenduri/feast), bekeng(garang/fierce) and cuco(wang baki/small change) could be heard throughout the country as well as some phrasal verbs 'come lote'(cantik menawan/very attractive), 'cawat kote'(bersungguh-sungguh/with full effort)
and lately "CAH KETING"

"CAH KETING" is nothing unusual until it was uttered by the incumbent YAB Menteri Besar of Kelantan just to remind us to be aware of rivals. The local newspapers make it more popular.

The word "cah" derives from an English word 'charge' which means to attack or to rush with great force against someone. "Keting" a local dialect, is the lower part of human legs, just above the ankle. It brings the meaning ' to attack or to rush with great force against someone' by hitting or kicking the appropriate part of the legs.

In a body contact game, for instance, a soccer match Cah Keting is an illegal move or action to overcome the opponent with the intention to bring him down.

Cah Keting also means to sabotage or to hinder someone from achieving or securing a better post due to jealousy or to fail the plan.

Congratulations to Tuan Guru on the use of the phrasal verb and certainly for reminding us to be aware in our daily routine.


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