Saturday, July 31, 2010


Activity: Attending the last annual general meeting as a secretary
Location: Radius International Hotel, Bukit Bintang, KL
Date: 30 July 2010

Receiving a token of appreciation from the Director of Kelantan State Education

Pn. Faridah Khalil (Kak Dah) receiving tokens of appreciation before her retirement

Farewell lunch by PKPSM Bachok. A token of appreciation from
En. Faizul, Deputy PPD Bachok and witnesses by
Hj. Ahmad Abdullah, the President of PKPSM Bachok.

The last speech

Speech of appreciation and farewell by Hj. Ahmad Abdullah,
the President of The Conference of Principal, Bachok Branch.

The farewell speech by Hj. Rusli Azam,
The President of SMK Pak Badol's Staff Club.

Another farewell speech by Hj. Sulaiman Daud
of The Bachok District Education Office

Together with some of my counterparts just before the leaving

Look so interesting! They are viewing my profile media show

Handing over the responsibility and management to the Senior Assistant
witness by some of my counterparts.

The final clock out

To be in memory with my supportive staff

Pray for safety and health, sandwitch by on my right Hj. Sulaiman Daud of PPD Bachok
and Hj Ahmad Abdullah, The President of The Principal Conference,
Bachok Branch (PKPSM Bachok)

Please accept our gift of appreciation my Principal and my teacher
We owe you my heart and soul

The Final speech to SMK Pak Badol teachers and students.

My final day as a government officer and as a teacher as well. The send off ceremony was held on the 22nd July 2010 organized by The teachers and Staff of SMK Pak Badol. All Principals of Bachok District, representatives of State Education Department and an officer of PPD Bachok were at the ceremony.

1. The ceremony with the Teachers, non academic staff and students was held earlier. Speeches of appreciation and farewell by student and teacher led the ceremony and followed by the melodious recitation of 'syair' by Puan Raja Hafisah, energetic dikir barat performed by En. Jefri and En Azmi accompanied by the student musical group. The session ended by the giving away of tokens of appreciation by students and teachers.

2. Another session started at 11.00 exclusively for my counterparts, education officers and teachers. Speeches of appreciation and farewell were uttered by representatives followed by my profile media show, my final speech as a government officer and the handing over the management and responsibility to the Senior Assistant. I ended the day by clocking out and the procession led me off.

To my disappointment, not even a single leading leaders of the State Education Department was at the scene, but the presence of the entire Principals of Bachok District Secondary Schools persuaded my heart to remain cool. Thanks to everybody, your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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