Monday, August 2, 2010

Hong Kong-Shenzen-Guangzhou Excursion

Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong

It said to be the palm print of Jackie Chan, Hong Kong

The man made lake, Shenzhen

A replica of The Great Wall of China, Shenzhen

Summer Palace

Maids in Guangzhou

The Dragon, Splendid of China, Shenzhen.
Did dragon really exist?

Refer the above photo

"Windows of The World" The main entrance

Similar location as above

Aberdeen, Hong Kong. The world largest floating restaurant able to accommodate a thousand of customer at a time

Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong

Kowloon in the background

Lady Street at night, Hong Kong

Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong


The above excursion was organized by PKPSM Kelantan from 8 till 12 July 2010. 38 participants, mostly Kelantan Secondary School Principals. My spouse and I joined the group and most possibly the last.

Hong Kong or formerly "Heung Keung" meaning the fragrance harbour in Cantonese dialect, comprises several islands and the mainland or The New Territory annexed by the British after "The Opium War". One of the world most densely populated area, mostly sky scrapers and a souring high cost of living. Hard to believe but I saw with my own pair of eyes some preservation from the past:

1. Bamboos are still in use in erecting, repairing and beautifying tall buildings.
2. The railway tram is partially in use but overshadow by other modern transportation.
3. Aberdeen, an earlier settlement mainly on water and fishermen populate the area. We took a
half of an hour water ride to tour this wet settlement.

Shenzhen is a new, well planned and functioned city to cope the extremely fast developed Hong Kong and only 40 minutes by road from the island.

Guangzhou is a Cantonese spoken, ancient but industrialized and China third largest city.

By observation and information something to share and think about these 3 cities, an idea for general improvement:

1. Even though highly populated sometimes beyond control and business oriented but no litter

2. Roads and streets congested with traffics, no traffic jam, even a minor road accident to witness and sound of horn knocked our ear drums.

3. No motorbike on roads.

4. Motorists respect the pedestrians and tolerance.

5. A building with 68 storeys completed in merely 7 months.

More information will be published later.

Xie xie.

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