Tuesday, August 10, 2010


PKPSM."Your kindness is unforgettable and your kinds is uncountable", the most suitable phrase to describe.

I attached myself to PKPSM by the moment as a school's principal on the 1st Jan. 2000. Since the date until my retirement I have received everything worth that could not be forgotten in form of knowledge, appreciation, hospitality, charity, incentive and kinds. The photos display my collections received. Until at present those things are in good condition and still in use. This shows that PKPSM contributes almost everything that a professional needs and guarantee the quality.

In fact, all principals benefit it throughout the year. Professional inputs in hotels and sometimes abroad. I could remember we had our inputs and meetings in Hatyai, Thailand and Medan, Indonesia. A forth night ago we had our meeting in Kuala Lumpur, reach there and back home by air.

Subsidizing an excursion gives opportunity for us to spend our leisure abroad. A stun moment for pensioners, in disbelieve receiving a cheque worth RM6000.00 to perform umrah. There are much more and unexplainable. In return, your undivided loyalty and firm support are greatly appreciated

The contributions in kinds are Batik shirts, a T shirt, luggage bags, blazers, a watch, a Lamy fountain pen, a set of teak tea set and lastly " a pendulum clock". This clock reminds me once in every hour the kindness of PKPSM and an appreciation as a Secretary for years.

Thank you.

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