Monday, March 19, 2012

BANDUNG, an ideal shopping destination.

Bandung city is the third largest in the Indonesian archipelago, with approximately 8 million inhabitants. Locates at the altitude of 770 metre experiencing constant mild temperature all the year round, the coldest city. Dominates by the Sundanese, the major ethnic in West Java and the language is the first to be spoken. The city is the most popular weekend break for the Indonesians living in Jakarta and the most popular shopping destination for the Malaysians.

The products designed by the local designers are branded and much cheaper. The factory outlet shops are numerous along the Cihampelas, Rhiau, Setiabudi and Juanda(Dago) Streets. Cihampelas Walk and Paris von Java or Ciwalk is famous for it jeans wear. Pasar Baru, the eight floor market centre is another compulsory destination offers various products at an affordable price.

Lokasi bandar Bandung di Pulau Jawa.

Inside the Pasar Baru Bandung.
The compulsory shopping destination for tourists

.A memory with one of the young hawkers at Pasar Baru Bandung.
He claimed to be 22, married to a late teenage wife and having a 2 year old kid.
The marriage was arranged by parents after completing high school education.

Various product to be chosen, the bag and footwear section.
My Spouse and her sister having a headache to choose the desired

Myself and Noordin, my sister in law's husband releasing tension and tiredness
while our spouses keep on with their door shopping

Textile section much more to choose and said that popular Malaysian
and local celebrities often shop at the spot

Let's try the local authentic delicacies

Rawon Setan, a special black beef soup in traditional recipes from East Java

Bakso, meat ball soup by the roadside.

Nasi penyek, a special fried or grilled chicken to be eaten
with steamed white rice wrapped in banana leaf
with a little bit of hot sambal and vegetable.
Sour sop juice suitable to be taken after the meal..

Nasi Padang dishes serve for 6 diners?
Only the consumed plates will be charged

Around Bandung and The factory outlets

At the one of the factory outlets

Another factory outlet

Enjoying the first breakfast at the hotel before leaving for Jakarta

Together with Pak Dudi, our local tour leader

The trishaw one of the traditional and the cheap means of transport
apart from horse cart and the bajai, the three wheeled motor driven vehicle.

The free choosing at the fabric preparation house

At the Tanah Abang Central Market, Jakarta
The most popular shopping spot in Jakarta among the lower income group
and Malaysian tourists. Goods can be bought either in bulk or retail

My spouse and her sister choosing garment and other products

My spouse admiring the striking patterns

Myself before entering the Tanah Abang Market Jakarta.

Worth visiting and shopping.
Be prepared with enough cash and be wise to swipe your credit cards

Thank you.

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