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KAWAH PUTIH or WHITE CRATER is a crater lake, one of the crater lakes of Mount Patuha. Situated 2430 metres above the sea level experiencing chilled temperature between 8 to 12 degrees Centigrade. Approximately 50 km south of Bandung City, accessible by road and it takes a couple of an hour due to road condition and ascending slope.

Opened to visitors in 1987. The name derives from lake water, the milky white colour could change from bluish to whitish green depending on sulphur concentration and the change of temperature. The surrounding rocks and sand are whitish in colour due to interaction with the acidity of the lake water.

The area is heavily forested and well preserved flora and fauna.

Formerly a sulphur mine operating during the Dutch rule and the Japanese occupation in Java.

Flora and fauna of the area are well preserved

Specially built steps about 20 metres descending the lake site.
Once has to wear thick clothes to protect the body from the chilled temperature.
The clothes are rented about IDR10,000.00 or RM3.50 per piece at a time

At the information centre.
Warming myself temporarily to keep away from chilled temperature.
An officer on duty will announce the height and the current temperature to visitors.

The chilled strong wind and temperature force every visitor to put on thick clothes
and covering their nostrils and mouth.
Be careful to those are suffering from asthma

Good facilities at the place

The lake water differs in colour due to sulphur concentration
and the change of temperature

The sand and rock are whitish in colour.
The lake water and the ground are of no different and can be mistaken as snow.

The lake and the forested mountain in the background

Swimming and dipping are prohibited

Myself and spouse admiring a crippled Sundanese plucking a kecapi,
a traditional musical instrument.

My spouse, the signboard and the forested mountain in the background.

On our journey from Bandung city to Kawah Putih or back to the city, we are astonished, the surrounding areas were intensively cultivated on both limited flat land and slopes, that remark the populations are hardworking and lead a simple life. Young ladies take opportunity to offer fresh strawberries to visitors with only IDR10,000.00 per packet

Intensively cultivated terraced slope mainly with a staple crop

Cultivated land close to the house compounds

Limited flat land and slopes are intensively cultivated with various crops

Cultivated terraced slopes, well watered, houses and forested mountain.

The local rural people are hardworking and lead a simple life,
creative and hospitable to visitors.
The lands are intensively utilized and the nature is well preserved .
We are looking forward to be back again.

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