Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kunming Excursion: The Contrast

Last April in the year 2008 PKPSM Kelantan organized an excursion to Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan province, China. The local temperature is cool and soothing throughout the day but don't forget to use lipstick gloss or your lips might crack, so irritating. The photo
shows myself in the middle. On my right is Hjh Normah and on my left is Hjh Hanipah wearing a traditional costumes of a Sani tribe. The Sani dominates the area, the famous Stone Forest. The costume suits Hjh Normah but not Hjh Hanipah because of their facial feature and complexion.

A journey from Kunming to Stone Forest was so exhausted and bored. I kept the journey alive by making a strange offer. Anyone who could find pregnant women will be rewarded 10 yuen(appr RM5.00) for each because after few days I did not come across even a single pregnant woman. So they kept on eying for it. At last, I had to keep my words, withdrawing 20 yuen for exactly pointing 2 pregnant women. 10 yuen for Hjh Hanipah and another 10 for Hjh Kamaliah but they keep on demanding for more. Just for fun! Heeee.

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