Saturday, December 27, 2008


Hey amigos, how much you purchased your hat? Pretty sure the answer will not be the same. The purchased price depends on how you bargain, not only hats, in fact, all things, so do not afraid to bargain. Anyhow better check it out, if bargaining unreasonably some abusive words will knock your eardrums or be chased by the retailer. From the left: Saiful of SMS Machang(Rp20,000), followed by Ramdan of SMKA Lati(Rp 18,000), what had happened to him wearing two hats at a time and myself got the cheapest Rp 14,000.
The rate: Rp 10,000 is equivalent to RM4.00.

Samosir Island. This island is mainly dominated by The Bataks, one of the main ethnics in Northern Sumatra. The carvings behind us exhibiting women's breasts and lizards. Batak people believe that women's breasts are symbol of fortune. Women possessing larger breasts are more to be respected and costlier. The reptile symbolizes misfortune. From right, Hj. Man of K.Krai Technical Sch., Mek Dah from Sultan Yahya Petra (2) Sec, Sch., K.Krai,
myself and Azmi of Bachok Technical Sch.

Myself and the Batak traditional houses in the background

Cruising the greenish clear crystal water of Lake Toba, Samosir Island in the background. Next to me is Pi Ramli, The Principal of Putri Saadong Sec. School. In any interactive activity he was the main attraction because he liked uttering unreasonable suggestions and some funny complaints.

At the jetty on Samosir Island after an amusing cruise. Through out the cruising we were entertained by the Batak boys with various songs.

On the 13th of June 2008, The National Conference of Principals of Malaysian Secondary Schools, Kelantan Branch (PKPSM Cawangan Kelantan) held its 33rd Annual General Meeting at the Asian Best International Hotel, Medan, Indonesia. 120 principals attended. It was officially opened by the Director of Kelantan State Educational Department Hj. Ismail Mohd. Nor. Also present was Head of School Management Sector, Hj. Zahari b. Daud.
day before the meeting we visited the Batak settlement around Lake Toba. We stayed overnight at Parapat, a small town by the lake. We cruised the greenish crystal water of Lake Toba to Samosir Island, the traditional Batak settlement. It took a quarter to an hour to reach the island. During the cruising Hj. Yusof Yaacob of SMK Jelawat told the untrue story of the formation of the lake. It happened that once upon a time, Hanuman a warrior with human body and monkey head from the Epic Ramayana, crossed from Sri Lanka to the East in searching for maid. He stopped in the area for excretion. The area filled with urine is the lake and hardened dropping happened to be the island. Don't believe it. Actually, it is a crater lake and Samosir Island in the midst of the lake is the hardened volcanic rock. We visited historical places of the Bataks and opened our ears to the story narrated by our guide. The public court trial and punishment of criminals attracted us. The criminals were once tortured, got rid of evil from their bodies and then slaughtered in the public.

We bought some
Batak handicrafts product to bring home as souvenirs. One of us had bought 3 bags, same size, design and material but different price because bought at different shops.
Something I could not forget. It happened that on my way back to the ferry, I felt somebody grabbed my hand. I managed to get free from it, ran and jumped on to the ferry. Everybody got stunned, a Batak woman was chasing after me only to persuade me to buy her groundnut. You know how much? 3000 lah, What? 3000 just for a few fistful of nuts! Hah, 3000 Indonesian Rp. equivalent to only RM1.20. I felt so sorry and bought it. At that time I remembered when I was a child, my grandma's bedtime tale about the batak liked to chase people and feed on human flesh.

After lunch we continued our journey and had reached Medan just before nightfall. Our Annual General Meeting went on successfully. Thank you

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