Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kunming: Ashima, Che Mat and The Tea

We stopped at a tea processing plant, a compulsory place to visit. After being briefed the origin, types and wonders of tea by a charming "Ashima"- exclusively refers to a lass, we were persuaded to purchase it. How much it cost? A package costs 500 yuen(appr RM 250.) My friend, Che Mat(in black suit) earlier refused to buy. After being persuaded and astonished by the beauty of the Ashima, at last he surrendered and unwillingly emptied his wallet and grief. "Ah! Comel weh budak ni takleh tehe kawe weh!." Hai Che Mat tak tehe jugok mu dengan orang comel dih. The "Ashima" is on my right with tea containers in her left arm. Is she pretty? She reveals that she is from the Sani Nationality of the Stone Forest. Sani girls and young women are known for their beauty, hard working and intelligent.
A fortnight later I met Che Mat and asked about the tea. "Still in the container, just waste my money, tak apa lah budak comel punya fasal," he replied.

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