Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A visit to SMK Pulau Gaya

A visit to SMK Pulau Gaya was so interesting, sekolah di atas air, the school on the sea surface.
The photo shows myself in the middle, sandwiched by Hj. Fauzi, the principal of SMK Mulong on my right and Hjh Hamidah, the principal of SMK Hamzah 2, Machang on my left.
The open hall 100% made of wood.

After visiting the school, our next destination was the Handicraft Centre or better known as "Pasar Filipin" by the locals. Most of the products were from the Southern Philipines such as beads, crystals, dried seafoods and handicraft products.
After nightfall, we feasted over roasted fish and squids.

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