Monday, December 22, 2008


A brief stop at a nursery. Photo portrays my spouse and daughters, from left Izzati(Jaja), my wife, Nadiah Tasnim(Daiah) and Siti Norjannah(Jannah). Like 4 sisters, agree?

Imagine as a chieftain. Which tribe am I suitable to be in?

My spouse posing at the entrance of Sabah Museum. In this museum we admired a skeleton of a whale. The whale died in Sabah waters recently. It is so enormous, measuring more than 80 feet in length from head to tail. Cameras are prohibited inside the museum.

Last December I joined a trip to "The Land Below The Breeze ". So amusing. Thanked to the organizer, The Staff Club of SMK Ab. Samad, Pulai Chondong Kelantan. The photo portrays myself and my spouse at the Kinabalu National Park, the foot of Mt. Kinabalu. Thanks.

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